First Baptist Church, Mayfield, Kentucky, is one of the oldest churches in Mayfield, formed in July 1844.  First Baptist, as did many churches, met in private homes or in the county court house prior to having a building specifically for worship.  The first church building was on East Broadway where the current city hall is located.  The original building burned on October 6, 1867, and a new one was built on the same site.  Interestingly, the new building was constructed with assistance from members of other churches who, since they did not have their own building, had been allowed use of the FBC facilities on occasion.  This building later burned as well (May 14, 1901), but the church had already made plans for a new building, which was completed, in late 1901.  This building, “the church of the spire”, was located on the site of the current church building at 8th and South Street.  As the membership increased the need was great for a larger facility and in 1928 this structure was demolished to allow for a larger building, which was completed in 1929.  This is the current church building.
First Baptist Church has had a tremendous history in the past one hundred sixty-seven years and is excited about the future of the church. A total of thirty-two pastors have served the membership. Our current pastor is Bro. John Wesley Fowler, known to all of us as Bro. Wes. In a short period of time, Bro. Wes has shown his ability for leadership and his love of the Lord. His messages are timely and Bible based. He and his wife, Tara, and their children, Brax and Bryley, bring a fresh young look to our church and we look forward to many years of service with their family. First Baptist has always been an exciting place for young people and children. Now is no different since we have many programs for our children and youth designed to keep them busy while learning more about themselves and God’s principles for their lives. Our senior adult programs are more than just Sunday School. Seniors are busy with normal church activities as well as regular daily trips and scheduled long-term trips to various locations. A monthly breakfast and an evening of fun and fellowship on the last Thursday of the month keep our seniors active and involved.
Our church music program involves all ages. With opportunities in Children’s Worship, Youth Praise Band, Adult Praise Team, and our Adult Choir, we have opportunities for anyone who may be interested in sharing their musical talents. First Baptist is an exciting and worshipful place where we strive to connect people to God, to one another, and to the world, through Jesus Christ.