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My name is Blake Shuecraft, and I am the Youth and Missions Pastor. If you have teenagers, you've got an opportunity to teach them about God, his promises, and the salvation he offers us. Let me know if you'd love to grab lunch sometime to discuss how we do youth ministry at FBC Mayfield.

About our Youth Ministry

Our main campus is currently under construction, but for now we are thankful to gather weekly on Wednesday nights at 6:00 at the Graves County Baptist Association. There, we try to have dinner for everyone  before doing our large group teaching time. Then, we break up into guys and girls groups to discuss God's word and how we should apply it to our lives. Let me know you're coming and I'd love to watch for you.  

And of course, we love doing things outside of our normal Wednesday night activities, like going to conferences, camps and concerts. I've really seen how our students grow deeper in their faith and grow meaningful relationships with those their own age. 



Call or Text: (270) 753-1914


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